Simply Massage



Welcome to Simply Massage in Laguna Hills, California. 

Simply Massage was founded in 2000 as an On-Site Chair Massage service providing seated massage to Hospitals and companies in and around the Orange County area. Now, 16 years later, we continue to offer our On-Site Chair Massage service, as well as provide a clean, safe, comfortable environment to come and receive Therapeutic Massage and Symmetry for Health Posture Care.

Massage sessions and Posture Care are designed to fit the needs of each client. Massage techniques may include a blend of Swedish Massage to quiet the nervous system and restore over-fatigued muscles. Myofascial release, cross fiber and trigger point therapy go beyond the superficial muscles and surrounding connective tissues to break up long held tension and discomfort.

Symmetry for Health Postural Assessment & Correction is a physics based program designed to use your specific measurements taken at your first visit.  Through Symmetry's patented software program your measurements are calculated three dimensionally to determine the specific stretching and stengtheneing positions required to bring your body back into alignment.



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