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My first Reiki session with Julie couln't have come at a better time. I walked in feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and my heart. Within just a few minutes the stress and tension of the day melted away and by the end of my session, I felt completely relaxed and restored. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who would like to experience some beautiful healing energy work. - Birgit

I did not know about Reiki or what to expect when I went in for 3 consecutive days of treament with Julie. I was very stressed and exhausted, and each session was a different experience. The third session with Julie was an unexpected and incredible experience. I felt a sesation of warmth filled with love and healing flowing from Julie's hands to the depth of my being. I have never felt such a profound sense of peace or intuitive understanding of being part of a vast universe in which birth and death were flowing one into the other naturally and infused with beauty and love. - Sue

The Reiki session you gave to us was something very special, the serenity and quietude lasted for days to weeks. The atmosphere of your office was so helpful in establishing peace and gentle involvement of both of us. We would love to schedule another session with you. - Ed & Susan Wong



I want to thank you for the great massage yesterday, as well as the suggestions to relieve my back pain and the stretching exercises. I must admit that I felt 50% better, and woke up this morning relatively pain free. I read your literature and will be contacting you to take advantage of your senior discounts on a regular basis. Thank you again. - Don Z.


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